Monday, October 31, 2011

Little Ones

Years ago when my children were "little ones", I was blessed to have parents, in-laws, my sister, and a handful of other generous people who watched over them while Steve and I took a quick trip somewhere.  It didn't happen all that often, but at least once or twice a year we made it happen.

I remember cleaning the house, buying lots of groceries, and making long lists of all the things that needed to be remembered in our absence. It was a LOT OF WORK to have a "get away". 

I also remember how excited I was to come home to these four "little ones".  They seemed to have "grown up" a bit in our short time away. 

This past week I had a chance to play "grandma" with this sweet little guy!  A friend of mine from MOPS, had an opportunity to travel with her hubby, so I kept the little man from Wednesday through Friday until his Grandma came in from out of town.

Louise and I had a blast.  He was happy ALL THE TIME!  He was even happy to go down for a nap. 

Here he is!

He loved playing with our phones and rocking in Karl's rocking chair.  I had a chance to dig out some of the kid's old toys and books.  Lots of fun memories!

And yes, his mom made me a great list to help me know what I needed to do and when.  She also brought over all the necessary gear to make it easy for us.  (She needed a few days away after all the work I know she went to  to get ready.  And I bet she thought he had "grown up" in just the few days she was gone.)


  1. Aw SO cute! Are those little feet pajamas?

  2. love your blog! I left you an award on my blog you may want to check it out:)