Thursday, January 22, 2009


When they say, "Everything in Texas is bigger", I am starting to see why.
1. The movie theatre that is closest to us is more like a restaurant. You sit at tables and are given a menu to order food and drinks. I didn't realize this when I chose the theatre and therefore had already had my lunch. Next time we'll make sure we choose a comedy and try it out.
2. The kennel which is closest to us has doggie "condos" for boarding. When I dropped off Cookie and Pepper I was asked if I wanted the condo with a view of the play area. I asked if that was more expensive and when they said it was not, I took it. Not sure if C and P fully appreciated it, but I felt no guilt leaving them there. When I returned to pick them up, I was given a full page report card with a close up colored picture of each one.
I will try to document when I discover the next example of "Everything in Texas is bigger" or maybe it is "Everything is bigger in Texas".

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Every once in awhile I see how things align themselves and send me such a clear message. Today was one of those days. A great time in the Word , then an extraordinary worship time, and then... the movie "Seven Pounds". Here is what I heard throughout my day today. Live life abundantly. Absolutely the message I needed to hear. I have had a bit of a pity party as my hubby is far away and I am in this new venue finding my way. God is good. He has an extraordinary plan in this time and in this place. What a great Sunday!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So, my amazing Christmas gift from my hubby was a baby grand piano. It came with 6 months of free lessons, so here I go. Haven't played in years and can't wait to jump back in. There is no excuse as I certainly have the time to focus back in on it. Let's hope my "aging " hands cooperate.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


After a month of unpacking, decorating for Christmas, welcoming our children to our new home in Texas, putting them on planes to return to their lives, and starting to put the decorations away, it hit me that it is time to jump into life in Texas with both feet.
One of my resolutions is to find some great volunteering oportunities. Should be a good way to meet new friends and expand my horizons. Another priority is to join a Bible study here. I miss my group back in NC and can't wait to get connected here.
I will keep you updated on how life in Texas is " shaking out".