Thursday, January 22, 2009


When they say, "Everything in Texas is bigger", I am starting to see why.
1. The movie theatre that is closest to us is more like a restaurant. You sit at tables and are given a menu to order food and drinks. I didn't realize this when I chose the theatre and therefore had already had my lunch. Next time we'll make sure we choose a comedy and try it out.
2. The kennel which is closest to us has doggie "condos" for boarding. When I dropped off Cookie and Pepper I was asked if I wanted the condo with a view of the play area. I asked if that was more expensive and when they said it was not, I took it. Not sure if C and P fully appreciated it, but I felt no guilt leaving them there. When I returned to pick them up, I was given a full page report card with a close up colored picture of each one.
I will try to document when I discover the next example of "Everything in Texas is bigger" or maybe it is "Everything is bigger in Texas".

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