Sunday, January 11, 2009

Every once in awhile I see how things align themselves and send me such a clear message. Today was one of those days. A great time in the Word , then an extraordinary worship time, and then... the movie "Seven Pounds". Here is what I heard throughout my day today. Live life abundantly. Absolutely the message I needed to hear. I have had a bit of a pity party as my hubby is far away and I am in this new venue finding my way. God is good. He has an extraordinary plan in this time and in this place. What a great Sunday!


  1. I completely understand what it's like to leave the familiar behind (friends, work, habits, hobbies, etc.) in order to support your husband in his search for a dream...
    Never an easy change to adjust to, but behind the solitude there is a unique chance to reconnect with who we really are at our core. Hang in there. If you need a laugh remember that we are telling people that "Dori's off doing Dallas!" In all seriousness, they are incredibly lucky to have you.
    I'll send you a DGH update after Tuesday's meeting.
    XOXO, Ash

  2. Hi, I followed you here from LPM's scripture memory blog. I understand how hard it is to "new". I have moved to a new place recently, still in Texas but new community, and in Texas it can be an all day trip just to get back to where you moved from. Anyway, I hope that you soon find your way here and some new friends, too.

    Your friend that commented above has it right when she said that this is a unique time for reconnecting with yourself.

    Be Blessed