Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We are having so much fun attending the Dallas Stars hockey games.  As Lefty likes to say, it's tough being a fan.  When your team handily wins, it's great, but when they go to shoot outs, it's tense.  (And just plain painful when they lose.) They pulled it off last night and we are looking forward to two more home games this week;  one Thursday night and another on Saturday afternoon.  Who knows what else there will be time to squeeze in?  I am sure my hubby hopes it is some dusting and vacuuming.  And since it is almost summertime here in the big D, it's time to get back to Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New York City!

What a fast and furious weekend.  But was it ever fun! 

I got a wee bit worried when we got to DFW and realized our flight was delayed and Dean was feeling "under the weather", but thankfully the flight WAS delayed as it allowed Z to go home and get her phone and allowed Dean a little time to feel better. 

I wish I had taken a picture of our limo that took us to the hotel.  We had a blast all hopping in together to start our weekend festivities.

The big event was the Allman Brothers Band on Saturday night and we wanted to stay close to the Beacon Theater and found a great spot at the On the Ave hotel.  Right around  77th and Broadway.  We went out on Friday night and grabbed some dinner at Scaletta's and then we hopped in cabs to head down to the Highline Ballroom to hear Leroy Justice and Bobby Keys.  Great music!  Lots of fun.  Stopped at a place close to the hotel for a "night cap" and called it a night.

Saturday morning we found a great restaurant a couple of blocks from the hotel called the Viand Cafe.  It was so good that we went back there on Sunday before the "kids" took off  for the airport.  After breakfast on Saturday, we went down to Rockefeller Center and went to the "top of the Rock" observation deck.  (Not Dean's favorite part of our trip.)  Then we went down to The Museum of Modern Art and saw lots of famous and beautiful paintings and sculpture.  Before we went to the ABB Concert, we grabbed some sushi and then we were off to the Beacon Theater.  It did not disappoint!  Amazing experience.  There was a great little bar/ restaurant right next to the hotel, so we grabbed a late night snack, etc.

Sunday morning came WAY to quickly  thanks to Daylight Savings, but we all of our favorite weekends with our adult "kids" plus Laura and Patrick.  We are blessed that our kids like some of the same music that we do and doubly blessed that they like to go off on adventures with us.