Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Summer is roaring along.

Time doesn't stand still, and I am finding that is doubly true when you are on a vacation of sorts.  Z and I drove out to Emerald Isle in mid May and we have enjoyed a handful of days reading and relaxing, but the days somehow fill up with lots of events, activities, and a few distractions, that have taken us elsewhere as well.
 Z has been busy seeing friends here and there and everywhere. She has put on some miles since we have been here.  Truth be told, I have too.
The second weekend after we arrived, Lefty and I headed up to D.C. for a really special wedding.  One of Tine's really great friends from NC State got married and we were invited.  It was the most gorgeous wedding, with a very meaningful ceremony followed by an incredible dinner, and reception/dance.  One of the best wedding bands I have ever heard.  Congratulations Lindsey and Dave!

Part of the fun of being invited to the wedding was seeing Tine as a bridesmaid.  Her boyfriend P was with her at the wedding and we had such a good time with them and their fun friends.  The following day we drove Tine and P out to Annapolis, MD to P's parent's home.  They had invited us to brunch at their house, and we jumped at the chance to see them again before we started our drive back to NC.  We had the best time and enjoyed a delicious brunch.  Such a treat! P has the most wonderful family. We said goodbye to them and took a leisurely drive down the eastern shore of Maryland back through Virginia, and across the Chesapeake Bay and on down to NC via a new road.  (One of our favorite things to do.)

After I dropped Lefty at the airport to fly back to DFW, I had just a couple of days before I flew home as well.  We had made plans a while back to go to the Florida Keys for a fishing trip with some really fun, long time friends, so I had a couple of days to catch up at home before we left for Miami.  We had not been to Key West in years, and it was really fun to be back there again.

After our return from Florida, I had a few more days in Dallas before heading back to NC.  I had a chance to catch up with some friends for lunch one day, and dinner another. There was a nice stack of mail to sort through and all the other things that need attention after you have been away for awhile.

Now I am back in NC and enjoying some beach time, reading, riding bike, walking, etc. 

Since we arrived here in May, some big changes are in the works for Lefty's folks.  They are moving into a retirement community in mid July so there has been and will continue to be much to do to help facilitate their move. They will have to part with much of what they have in their 2 story home.  The new place is lovely even if it is small, so we will be busy next week helping them go through things to determine what they can take with them and what we will have to a new home for.  Big job!

Meanwhile I have a few more days to relax before the busyness hits.