Friday, October 29, 2010

The "to do" list.

Everyone knows that moving involves "to do" lists. And ours is a doozy. Things like shortening the legs on our metal bar stools. Who does that?
On the top of the list for this beautiful fall day in Dallas, is a trip to Lowe's for picture hangers, trash bags, miscellaneous bolts, black paint for a book shelf I need to spruce up, and a few bags of mulch. I might just have to pick up some mums and pansies as well. More than likely, a few plants or mulch bags will leave debris in my car which will lead to the car wash.
Oh, and my hubby has "lost" his car charger as well as the room charger for his BB. And they tell us they are on back order. Nevertheless, I am on a mission to find him a charger of one sort or another that works.
Then, Fridays are always great days to head to Whole Foods. With all those football games to watch on Saturday, it's nice to have pre-planned some meals for the weekend.
So, here I go. Wish me well. Any guesses on how long all this will take?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's official.

We are settled in our new home and loving it. I have yet to tackle the garage, but I am waiting for some cooler temperatures to make it tolerable to be out there.
The pups are happier here than just about anywhere they have been. Lots for them to look at. The Campion Trail system is right out our back door and there are walkers, runners, bikers, and roller-bladers going by constantly. Cookie and Pepper see it as a bonus when someone brings their dog along. A few days ago a coyote just walked up to the trail and meandered up to our neighbor's fence. We have yet to purchase bikes, but it is on the agenda. We have a small lake in the middle of the development as well, with a sidewalk all around it,so there is some real potential for getting some exercise. Now I just need to seize the opportunities.
And on a different note, due to some complications in switching services, we were without cable and internet for 6 days. Can you even imagine that? Thankfully, Louise came for a visit and we found plenty to do running around Dallas and Fort Worth. We watched movies and read our books in the evenings and I actually have decided that taking a break from t.v. and the laptop was good for me. But I sure am glad to have HGTV, and the Food Network back.
And now, it's time to quit procrastinating and go for that walk! Day I go.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dinner at Bruno's

There is an incredibly special little neighborhood treasure of a restaurant that is really close to our new house. Their crab claw appetizer is to die for, as well as their iceberg wedge salad. For my entree I ordered a lemon, caper and veal dish. I don't believe I have ever had it prepared more perfectly. And, on a side note, their piano player is amazing.
This whole eating out thing takes on a new meaning when your entire kitchen is packed up and their really is no hope of preparing another homemade meal. I will not complain. Every once in awhile I like to go out. It's special. But, by Monday night, I fully intend to cook in our new house, on my Wolf gas cook-top. I will be feeling spoiled rotten. Didn't realize how much I missed my Viking back in G'boro.
Think I will try Lindsay Widle's potato dish. It sounds divine.
Have a happy Sunday tomorrow!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting Things Done

I love how my man loves to hunt and fish and just generally live life to the fullest. He met our son, Karl in Montana for opening pheasant season last Thursday and they have had a "blast", in more ways than one. When Lefty gets home tomorrow night, he will be refreshed. I learned early on in our marriage how important it is for guys to get a good dose of the outdoors on occasion and it has been a great thing. They and their friends have been living large.
In the meantime, I am GETTING THINGS DONE. I rented a Penske truck and moved everything from our storage shed, garage, most of the kitchen, dining room and great room "doo dads" and everything in our bathrooms and bedroom closets to the new house. This is going to be our easiest move ever since we have had the luxury of doing it over the course of an entire month. (Highly recommended.) By the time we have movers move our furniture and appliances on Monday, everything will already be in cabinets and closets and the only remaining thing to do will be to hang pictures.
That whole "Carpe Diem" thing works for me. Seize the day. Sometimes it is better to just make the decision to get it done!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

It's always helpful to have a plan B. While I was fully aware of how much rain fell in parts of North Carolina last week, I didn't realize that it would wreak havoc on our weekend plans at the beach. No sooner did I turn on my phone after landing, and Karen was on the phone to let us know that their flight was canceled and they were not going to get to come and join us. (They will come and visit us in TX instead one of these weekends.) As it turned out, it was a cool and overcast weekend so Lefty and I took some walks, did a lot of reading and cooking and eating, and just relaxed. With the crazy October coming up, it was probably the perfect weekend to prepare us for the days and weeks to come. Last night we were able to have dinner with Lefty's folks, his sister, our niece and her boyfriend. Delicious! And to round out a perfect evening, Z came over to our hotel and watched DWTS's with us.