Monday, May 21, 2012

Building the Barn

We sold our ranch on the Jefferson River and the deal actually closed last week.  Lots of memories were made on that place and there is lots about it that we will miss.  But, we always saw it as an investment, so from that standpoint, we are really happy with the "deal".

Now we are going to start building a structure on our Elk Peak ranch which is north of Bozeman.  We are studying the architect's drawings as we speak and are really happy with the plans.  It will be a multi-purpose structure.  It will hold all our 4-wheelers, raft, tractor, truck and gear on the main level and we are finishing the upstairs as a residence.

There will be an interior as well as an exterior stairway, an upper level deck, and a lower level covered patio.  The idea is to finish the exterior to look like it is "old".  Construction starts SOON, and the fun begins.  I am adding lots of ideas to my Pinterest boards to capture some of the look we are trying to achieve.

Looking forward to following the progress.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Emerald Isle

After two days in the car with the two pups, it was great to get here.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Off to North Carolina!

Z and  I are off to the beach this Wednesday morning...EARLY.  If we don't beat the rush hour traffic, we will be miserable.  Our goal is to make to to the "pet friendly" Drury Inn in Atlanta with C and P.  Thankfully, they are good travelers and sleep the entire time we are moving.
Z is looking forward to meeting up with friends in Raleigh this weekend, and after checking in on Lefty's folks, I will get to the beach as fast as I can.
 Lefty will keep things under control here in TX and will join us in NC a bit as he is able.  Let the summer begin!