Saturday, February 28, 2009

What an incredible road trip!

Soooo, we left DFW airport at 7 p.m. and hit the road on the first leg to Colorado. Stopped in Witchita Falls, Tx for the night. Just did the easy thing and had a thin crust pizza delivered. When you want to be on the road by 6 or 7 a.m. it is the perfect dinner option. Even better if you remembered to bring along a great bottle of red wine to share with two plastic red wine glasses thanks to Target. (the motel plastic cups just don't cut it somehow)
Up early...even before alarm rings, as our two "hounds" were ready to hit the road. We obliged them. What else can you do when two dogs are begging to depart?
These kind of weekends are our absolute favorite. Get in the car and get on a road you have never been on before. The day was incredible. Bright sunny skies, a few puffy clouds and the best darn scenery imagineable. We headed to Amarillo and then across the northeast corner of New Mexico and on in to Colorado. Up I 25 to just below Denver and around the west side of Denver into Boulder. Past the Red Rocks and arrived before Christine had picked up Louise from the airport in Denver. Checked in to our pet friendly motel and got ready to meet "our girls" for dinner.
(I could write an entire post on pet friendly motels.) We have had a wonderful reunion here in Boulder and will head up to Keystone tommorrow for a week of skiing.
Let the fun begin.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Time to Hit the Slopes!
Since it is Louise's spring break, we have rented a condo in CO and will spend a week enjoying the snow. Christine will be able to spend a fair bit of time with us as she lives "just down the road". Louise's life long friend, Ashleigh will join us as well. Steve will come and go as work allows. We have decided to drive as we are about 13 road hours from Denver. This gives us the opportunity to bring our two hounds, Cookie and Pepper. The girls miss them.

After a week of 70 degree weather, the snow will be a treat. Funny how the cold isn't so bad when you are having fun in it. And, this time of year is about the best for conditions. Lots of snow and milder temperatures during the day.

Then, by the time we get back to TX, it will be time to plant some flowers and start mowing the grass. Spring comes early to TX! Everyone is warning me to get ready for the rains to begin. I don't quite know what to expect.
Gotta go pack and try on my ski pants to see if they still fit...Yikes!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We just returned from a long Valentine's weekend at our cabin in MT. It was really cold so we didn't get to enjoy the out of doors very much, but took the opportunity to take a couple of road trips with the new camera I bought for Steve for his birthday. What a great place to go to take pictures. With all the snow they have had this year, it makes for a stunning back drop. We woke up Saturday to 0ver 50 deer in our front yard. It's getting harder and harder to leave this special place.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Relaxing Weekend

Found a great book at the bookstore. "60 Hikes Within 60 Miles". It has all this great information on places to go for a leisuresly walk or a strenuous hike all within 60 miles of Dallas- Fort Worth. We picked a great park in Grapevine that has a trail that follows along the lake shore and hiked for close to 2 hours on Saturday. Beautiful day and LOTS of hikers and mountain bikers out enjoying this forested park in the middle of the metroplex. Later on in the evening we met some new friends for dinner.
Then of course we watched the super bowl yesterday. What a game! Some years I have just plain been disinterested, but the Warren story is such an incredible one that I really didn't want to miss it. Loved some of those commercials.
Getting ready for my parents to come and visit later on in the week. I am making a list of things to do...the Grapevine outlet mall, the train that takes you to downtown Fort Worth stockyards and back, a trip downtown Dallas to see the JFK museum and a trip to the top of Reunion Tower for a bird's eye view of Dallas at night. TLhen maybe an evening at "Miedevil Times". I sure hope the weather holds. It is beautiful and warm here and my poor parents need a break from the snow and cold in MN.