Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

I heard the buses drive through the neighborhood this morning along with the sounds of parents and their kiddos saying good-byes. I am sure that many of those moms and maybe dads had some mixed feelings as they put their little ones on those big yellow buses. That feeling of "whew! What should I do first today? I have the whole, quiet house to myself." And then the recurring thoughts about how they are going to do in their new environment. Will they like their teacher? Will they like the other students in their class? For the older ones, will they be able to open the combination on their locker? Will they know their way around the building and find their classes on time? It's a day full of mixed emotions for both parents and children. Excitement for a new year mixed in with a little of the fear of the unknown. My bet is that more likely than not, these same precious children will hop off the bus this afternoon with big smiles on their faces and a back-pack full of forms for their parents to fill out and say "Mom, today you have homework and I don't!" And moms will think, "Just wait until tomorrow."

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's still so HOT!

I have no great stories or events to share because I have decided not to leave my house ( well almost not leave my house ) until this heat leaves Dallas. Whew! When your car says it is 106 degrees, it takes driving 10 minutes just to get the car cooled down. My only adventures involve hurrying from the parking lot into a grocery store, a mall, or a local mailboxes to send something to one of my children.
It is a sad commentary that I have resorted to watching reality tv shows that I missed, on my laptop. HULU is now bookmarked. (I might have to break down and get that whole DVR thing set up.)
And... never mind blow drying and styling my hair. What an absolute waste of time. Truth be told, all those hair products that are supposed to smooth and straighten in the hot, humid air, do NOT really deliver on their promises.
Even the pool is getting too hot. I don't know what all those young moms with "many small children" do here in TX about this time of the year. They are probably counting down the days until school starts, and sitting in front of their ac vents with the ceiling fans set on high!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Escaping the Heat!

If ever I get the chance to go somewhere cooler than Texas in the summer, I take it. So when I offered to help Christine move, she took me up on it.Christine and Robin have moved out of the apartment into a house in Boulder and I was able to fly in to help them unpack and "set up shop". The usual trips to Target, Home Goods, Home Depot, Marshall's, and a couple of returns later and they were "in business". They will have a few more things to do to put their own stamp on the place, but when I walked out the door to come home, it looked so comfortable and homey. I think they are going to love having the extra space and know it will come in handy as they have guests overnight. I can attest to the fact that the guest room is oh so comfy!
While I was in CO I had the pleasure of meeting Patrick.
And speaking of places cooler than Texas in the summer; we are soon off to Montana to get all of Steve's gear that is scattered, back into one place and ready for the hunting season. We will sneak in a little fly fishing while we are there and probably float the Jefferson River.
We are heading back to North Carolina to check in on our Itty Bitty Schelhammer in early September, so one by one we are catching up with "the fam".