Thursday, January 20, 2011

U Haul is returned.

Whew! What a fast week.  Last Thursday I hopped on a flight to Raleigh  to help move Louise to Texas and    today we  turned  in our U Haul here in  Dallas. I am relieved, relaxed, and thankful it all went so smoothly.  Louise had packed so much before I arrived in NC, that the whole process of moving her here to Texas was a piece of cake.  We picked up the U Haul on Saturday morning and the hired "movers" loaded it up on Saturday afternoon.  We drove to Charlotte after Louise finished her last day of work at Palm Avenue.  On Sunday we drove to Meridian, Mississippi, and on Monday afternoon we pulled into the driveway. We spent a couple of days going through what needed to go to storage and what needed to stay here at the house. Today we moved the excess "stuff" into storage.  Now we are DONE!  We have proved, once again, that Schelhammer women are independent, "can do", kind of women.  Let the fun begin.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ho Hum!

I was just reading  one of Christine's friends' blogs and I can completely relate.  (If I knew how to link you to it I would, but that's another matter entirely.)  She was talking about how January is just not a very exciting month.  All the resolution "stuff" is hard to get excited about.  Who wants to worry about a few extra pounds when all the "comfort" food is what we crave in these cold months.  I think she got it right when she talked about small shifts in our thoughts and behaviors.  Maybe just eating a few healthier things more often is a good enough start.  I wonder how many people actually are successful long term with their resolutions.  I have become more of a fan of realistic goals and ambitions.  And, I have determined that giving up 1/2 and 1/2 for my morning cup of coffee is NOT going to happen anytime soon.