Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back home

What a fun trip!

Flew out to DC to see Karl and spend some time catching up. Just so happened that he was in his club's Kendo tournament in VA this weekend. We have never had the opportunity to see him in this environment. Impressive and fascinating. What a skill set we observed. Seriously cool.

Luckily we both got early flights back into Dallas and are going to enjoy a couple of days before we "jet off" in different directions again. Steve is looking forward to a 7 day elk hunt in MT later in the week, and I am going to visit my folks in MN for a few days and then head to NC. Life is good.

Monday, October 19, 2009

On the go!

Let the fun begin!

We just got home last night from another road trip. We exchanged vehicles with Christine. It only makes sense, since she is the only one in the family that really will benefit from 4 wheel drive. She is now the proud owner of the Tahoe. She is the "official" driver for the "Team Schelly" ski team from Boulder. We had a blast meeting her friends, going out to dinner on the busiest Friday night EVER in Boulder, and watching some disappointing football on Saturday.(NCSU and Nebraska)

Thursday we head east to catch up with Karl. He just moved to a new apartment and has a Kendo tournament that we are going to watch. A trip to the grocery store to stock his pantry is at the top of the list. Got to help a poor grad student out with some great ingredients for comfort food.

The following weekend it's off to MN to see my parents. Rumor has it my aunt is having a halloween party. Guess I will have to dig out my favorite costume.
( Sear's t-shirt with "This is my costume" on the front)

Our poor dogs are going to be psychotic with all our traveling. They aren't necessarily fond of all the time they spend at the "condo", otherwise known as the vet's boarding facility.

Happy Trails!