Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Time to Hit the Slopes!
Since it is Louise's spring break, we have rented a condo in CO and will spend a week enjoying the snow. Christine will be able to spend a fair bit of time with us as she lives "just down the road". Louise's life long friend, Ashleigh will join us as well. Steve will come and go as work allows. We have decided to drive as we are about 13 road hours from Denver. This gives us the opportunity to bring our two hounds, Cookie and Pepper. The girls miss them.

After a week of 70 degree weather, the snow will be a treat. Funny how the cold isn't so bad when you are having fun in it. And, this time of year is about the best for conditions. Lots of snow and milder temperatures during the day.

Then, by the time we get back to TX, it will be time to plant some flowers and start mowing the grass. Spring comes early to TX! Everyone is warning me to get ready for the rains to begin. I don't quite know what to expect.
Gotta go pack and try on my ski pants to see if they still fit...Yikes!

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