Friday, October 29, 2010

The "to do" list.

Everyone knows that moving involves "to do" lists. And ours is a doozy. Things like shortening the legs on our metal bar stools. Who does that?
On the top of the list for this beautiful fall day in Dallas, is a trip to Lowe's for picture hangers, trash bags, miscellaneous bolts, black paint for a book shelf I need to spruce up, and a few bags of mulch. I might just have to pick up some mums and pansies as well. More than likely, a few plants or mulch bags will leave debris in my car which will lead to the car wash.
Oh, and my hubby has "lost" his car charger as well as the room charger for his BB. And they tell us they are on back order. Nevertheless, I am on a mission to find him a charger of one sort or another that works.
Then, Fridays are always great days to head to Whole Foods. With all those football games to watch on Saturday, it's nice to have pre-planned some meals for the weekend.
So, here I go. Wish me well. Any guesses on how long all this will take?

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  1. Can Dad make runza's when I'm there in Nov...if he can let go of his cherished ipad long enough??