Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

It's always helpful to have a plan B. While I was fully aware of how much rain fell in parts of North Carolina last week, I didn't realize that it would wreak havoc on our weekend plans at the beach. No sooner did I turn on my phone after landing, and Karen was on the phone to let us know that their flight was canceled and they were not going to get to come and join us. (They will come and visit us in TX instead one of these weekends.) As it turned out, it was a cool and overcast weekend so Lefty and I took some walks, did a lot of reading and cooking and eating, and just relaxed. With the crazy October coming up, it was probably the perfect weekend to prepare us for the days and weeks to come. Last night we were able to have dinner with Lefty's folks, his sister, our niece and her boyfriend. Delicious! And to round out a perfect evening, Z came over to our hotel and watched DWTS's with us.

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