Monday, October 10, 2011

A quick trip to Boulder.

Sometimes a mom just has to do what she has to do, and that means hopping on a plane to see one of her children.  So, Thursday I flew to Denver to see Christine, but not without a little hitch in the plan.  As we were circling Denver to land, we hit some crazy, wild, rough and tumble air!  Moments later we were on our way to Albequerque, New Mexico.  Apparently the winds around the Denver airport were so intense that we couldn't land AND we were low on fuel so circling was no longer an option. 
I have never been to New Mexico before so a little pit stop allowed me to add that state as a place I have technically been to.
After a  2 to 3 hour delay, I arrived at Tine's  condo just in time to enjoy some Thai food that she had ordered in.  There is something about food on the table after a long day that just tastes even better.  AND, Tine had all sorts of fun stories to tell about her recent adventures and boy, has she had them.  She has been all over the place this summer and early fall.  No signs that that will change anytime soon.  I caught her on the only free weekend that she and P have during the month of October.
We spent our time on Friday shopping, eating, hiking and then eating again as we dined at Frasca's.  Patrick kept us entertained the entire time.  Boulder has some of the best restaurants I have ever eaten at. 
Saturday I woke up to cold temperatures.  Yay!  The forecast was for snow in the mountains which sounds like heaven after the summer we have had in Dallas.  The three of us went out for brunch before I left for the
airport.  On my way there it started to snow and I smiled the whole way.
What a FUN weekend.  Thanks Tine and Patrick for everything.
Here is Christine's blog address:   She posted some great pictures.

Louise picked me up at the airport when I landed in Dallas.  She brought me clothes to change into ( IN THE CAR), and we were off to see Taylor Swift at the Cowboy Stadium.  She did not disappoint.  Fun times!  Adventures with both daughters in one weekend.

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