Monday, August 22, 2011

Z's first day of school

It seems like yesterday that I was taking "first day of school" pictures of my kids.  Where have the years gone?  I did take a picture of Z today before she drove down to SMU to begin Grad School.  The picture was taken with her phone and probably will only be seen by her sister, but it brought back lots of fun memories of new tennis shoes, new back packs full of binders and  pencils, first day of school "outfits", new lunch boxes packed with an extra good lunch for the first day, and all that blonde hair and tan skin from a summer spent at the pool.
As I drove into the neighborhood this afternoon, all the moms were walking to school to pick up their kids and I was also reminded  how much I enjoyed the quietness of the house that first day of school and what fun it was to think up a fun after school snack. 
THEN, I remembered that K, D, C, and L all brought home folders full of forms for me to fill out that first day.  I guess it's kind of nice that Z has filled out all the necessary forms.  We haven't had to lift a finger.  Well, unless you call helping with tuition "lifting a finger".  Good luck Z!!!!!

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  1. Little weezie's all grown up!! Send me the picture!