Friday, June 3, 2011

Life is a whirlwind.

Since my last post, I have spent a couple of incredibly beautiful weeks at the beach at Emerald Isle, a stop in Greensboro to see some old friends; an uneventful drive back to Texas; and then a week of annual doctor and dentist check-ups.  Last Friday we left for Montana to spruce up our cabin and do some work around the ranch.  We were very productive as the temperatures lingered in the mid 40's with rain in the valley and snow in the mountains.  Truth be told, it was glorious after the Texas heat.  This week has been filled with cleaning, running errands etc. in order to be ready for another road trip next week.  I will drive to Minnesota to celebrate my mom's birthday on Tuesday and then hop a plane in Minneapolis to join my relatives for a trip to Norway.  Look for lots of pictures upon my return.  There are sure to be some stories to go along with them as I am fairly certain that I am the youngest person on the trip by at least 10 years, perhaps more.  I will try to chronicle the humorous moments along the way. 

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