Friday, April 29, 2011

A trip to be remembered

There are so many posts I have meant to write, but life's been busy. But, as I sit here in MD with Karl, I just had to briefly share what a crazy couple of days Z and I had getting to the East coast.
We left Dallas on Wednesday which was Z's B-Day. We made great time as we drove on mostly open roads all the way to Atlanta. No wonder. We started to see lots of broken off tree tops and entire uprooted trees along the way with work crews chopping trees where they had fallen onto the interstate. We checked into our dog friendly Drury Inn in Marietta, GA where we learned we were in a tornado warning. Lefty had flowers and one of those fruit baskets that look like flowers waiting there for Z and it was the highlight of the B-Day. We slept fitfully until 5:30a.m.
We packed the car and got back on the road,cutting across GA and SC angling across to my in-laws house in Angier,NC to drop off the dogs. Another day of crazy,stormy, weather. More tornado warnings and downpours on and off for hours. Once we got to Angier, the rain stopped so I was able to drop Z in Raleigh with her friends and I continued on to Gaithersburg,MD.
Today is an absolutely spectacular day in MD. I am here with Karl until Sunday while he recuperates from a minor surgical procedure. There will be trips to Whole Foods, and Trader Joes. We'll see what else K feels like doing. I'm happy to be out of the car for a couple of days!

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