Monday, April 4, 2011

A fast and furious fun weekend!

We have had more fun filled and action packed days in the last 5 days than we have had in quite awhile.

Last Friday we flew to Orlando for Dean's graduation from Full Sail University.  It could not have been a more beautiful day. 

We landed a little after noon and headed over to Dean's apartment and had a little down time to catch up with him before we headed over to the University for the ceremony.

 This school is  a high tech place.  Every graduate's name was up on this super sized screen when they walked across the stage to receive their diplomas.  Really impressive. One would expect nothing less from a school that is all about technology.  Dean has thoroughly enjoyed the whole school experience, but is ready to leave Florida and return to the working world.  Time to start making some money again!

After the ceremony we went to Whole Foods and bought all sorts of  great ingredients to make a special celebratory dinner.  Steaks and a few of Dean's favorite sides. We could not have had a more enjoyable time combining the celebration of graduation and his birthday, which was Saturday.

We were off bright and early the next morning to return to Dallas to our company that was waiting there for us.  Steve's sister and her daughter as well as one of Louise's friends from NC had arrived on Thursday and Friday respectively.  Louise played the hostess in our absence and took them shopping and out to a great little Italian restaurant that evening.

After we landed on Saturday we did a little shopping and went out to a fun Mexican Restaurant and then it was time to relax a bit before we made dinner and took the girls over to Billy Bob's in Fort Worth for the night.  A really great country western band was playing and we saw some of the fanciest Texas Two Step dancing you can imagine.  We loved it.

On Sunday we had tickets to the Ranger's game and once again, it could not have been a more beautiful day.  We all thoroughly enjoyed watching them WIN and in the process, we all got a bit sun-burned. 

Today, everyone was back on a plane to return home .  The house seems way too quiet.  We miss our company already.


  1. Full Sail officially = the coolest school ever. DEAN ARTHUR SCHELHAMMER!! He looks like a sound engineer too...

  2. "He looks like a sound engineer" really means......"He hasn't had a haircut in years." Had a blast with you guys in town!