Thursday, June 23, 2011


The trip to Norway was certainly an enjoyable one.  I have never traveled on a "tour" before and not sure if I will going forward, but this one included distant relatives and it proved to be an easy way to see a country FAST.
I thought I was going to be the youngest person on the trip, but thankfully that proved to be wrong.  A brave 20 year old came along with her mom and grandmom. 
We moved around mostly on a tour bus, but also took ferries through the fjords and a couple of trains as well.  I have never seen so many waterfalls in all my life.  We even saw a glacier.  Thankfully, everyone was awake for that.  ( At one point in time, I looked around the bus and 4 out of 39 of us were awake.) 
Here are a few pictures.  The last one is of my roomie and I at the Ice Bar.  
It rained almost every day we were there and never got above 60 degrees, so I am having a bit of an adjustment to these 100 degree days here in Dallas.  I sort of wish I could have brought the Ice Bar back to my house.