Monday, November 30, 2009

Waiting for some status!

Every time Steve and I get ready to travel, which is pretty often these days, I check in on line to print my boarding pass and expect some bells and whistles to go off. Maybe some words to pop up on the screen to say that I now have achieved silver or maybe even gold status on my favorite, American airlines. But no, no such luck yet. How long must I wait? Today, I am trying to get back to the big D from Orlando, Fl where we have had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with all 4 "kids". I have discovered that trying to find an empty seat on an earlier flight on the Monday after Thanksgiving is IMPOSSIBLE. And, I have a Christmas party at my house tomorrow night! Yikes! So what's a gal to do?
1. Make a list of things to do when I get home.
2. Get a Coldstone.
3. Finish reading "Going Rogue", which I am really enjoying by the way.
4. Clean out my purse.
5. Decide what to serve to my guests tomorrow night.
6. Make a grocery list.
7. Return as many phone calls as possible.
8. Purchase magazines.
9. Walk some laps pulling my carry-on that is ever expanding due to airport purchases.
10.Make sure I get my quota of Starbucks since it is here and I love it!
Let the chaos of the season begin! It wouldn't be late November if I wasn't experiencing some sort of pre-Christmas jitters. Happy Holidays!

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