Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas, Here we come!

What a wonderful time of the year. After a quick trip to Montana last weekend, and a stop off in Minneapolis to have dinner with college friends, I had had enough snow and cold weather to feel that the holiday season is upon us. Landed in Dallas and hit the ground running.
Spent the week tweaking the house so that we can make 8 additional family members comfortable for the coming week. They start arriving tomorrow night. Thankfully our kids are flexible and fine with aero beds. They will have full run of the upstairs bed, bath, and media room. I wonder how often they will come downstairs? ( I plan to cook some gourmet meals to entice them.)
Three generations in the same house for the week of Christmas. Lots of opportunities to share stories, bake cookies, go for walks, see some movies and just enjoy being together. We are so blessed to have healthy parents who can still travel to spend time with us. It may get a bit chaotic at times, but it promises to provide opportunities for some new memories.
Can't wait for the fun to begin.

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