Friday, November 20, 2009

Time flys when you are busy!

Then month of November will go down in history as a BLUR! After the quick trip to Minnesota, I got involved with a wonderful young woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago when her baby was 3 months old. She already had 3 children. Upon diagnosis, her husband left her. Long story. She has just recently had surgery to help with painful scar tissue that resulted from the intensive radiation she had. This woman is courageous and trusting in God's provision for her every day of her life. I am blessed beyond measure to be getting to know her and count her as my friend. She is an absolute delight.
I flew in to Raleigh for 5 days to check in with Steve's mom who just had a lumpectomy to remove a cancerous tumor. She had some drs. appts. to go to and we just wanted to treat her like a queen for a few days: cooking some meals, cleaning a bit, etc. She is doing so well and won't need to start radiation until January. Her prognosis is very good.
That weekend was Louise's sorority parent's weekend and Steve and I loved taking she and Zach out for dinner before the big party. What a fun night. We tailgated with her on Saturday before the game and enjoyed spending a picture perfect day sitting in the stadium. Sometimes the outcome of the game isn't part of the memory. Just enjoying one another's company is enough.
The WHOLE family will converge on Orlando this Tuesday to spend a week reconnecting. We rented a fun house not far from Disney and will squeeze in as much cooking and eating; watching football games; parks; and whatever else we come up with. Can't wait. Lots to be thankful for!

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