Monday, November 2, 2009

A restful weekend in Minnesota

There is nothing like going back home, even if it has been almost 30 years since I lived in the state. And still, not much has really changed. All of my extended family is still there and still living in the same places. That is reassuring somehow.
I spent the weekend at my parents place near New Ulm and enjoyed catching up with them, looking at old pictures, sharing new and old stories and visiting with aunts, uncles, neighbors, and old friends. We spent Sunday morning worshiping at the church I grew up in and my parents are still active in. Sunday night we went to a concert series event that was held in the auditorium of my old junior high school. I walked in and stepped back in time. The seats in the auditorium are every bit as small and hard as I remembered them. What memories!
We are at that place in our lives where our kids are all in a really good place and our parents are all still living independently. I think maybe these are the " golden years " for us. That in-between time when we can just up and go whenever we want and enjoy the adventure life offers us. We are going to try to fully appreciate this time in our lives. God is so good.

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