Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tine's Half Birthday

Today is C's half birthday and since she is here in Dallas, Z and I put together a little surprise for her this morning.  Who celebrates half birthdays you ask?  Well, Christine did one year back in middle school.  The whole idea came as a result of her feeling like she missed out by having a summer birthday when everyone seemed to be on vacation.  That year we had a big birthday party for her on December 22nd.  She loved it.  So this is what we did this morning before she woke up...
The sign says, Happy 25 1/2 Birthday!
Birthday crown..Thanks to Z.
And to top it off, a treat.
Monkey Bread!

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  1. Disclaimer* every year, when I remind my family that it is my half birthday, they usually just laugh and tell me they don't even know when their own half birthday is. Great surprise Mom and Louise and so hilarious!!