Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Occupy Sonoma

Lefty had a great line this morning.  Let me back up.  After Cookie and Pepper danced a jig to earn a treat, scratched the door to be let out, scratched it again to be let in, carried some leaves along in with them to be strewed about the house, whined to be fed and given fresh water, THEY PROCEEDED TO GO RIGHT BACK TO BED!  Lefty looked at them and shook his head and under his breath said: "It's like these dogs are occupying Sonoma!"  It cracked me up.  After a morning siesta, it looks like they will now get on to their daily tasks.


  1. cute!!! cookie and pepper are blogging!

  2. Look at those Grinch paws!! P dog and the Cookie Monster have been occupying Sonoma and previously Coveview ct. for their entire lives. We are at their beck and call.