Friday, December 2, 2011

A Great Thanksgiving and now it's on to Christmas

It's always special to be able to gather your family together for the holidays.  This year my parents drove in from Minnesota.  They are in their 80's, and had a great drive to and from and while they were here, they loved spending time with all 4 of their grandchildren.  It doesn't happen all that often anymore. 
We had a relatively low key holiday with lots of eating, laughing, and just catching up.  We will get to enjoy all four of our kids for Christmas as well. 
One of these years there will be an engagement or two or three, and that may alter how we spend the holidays. Who knows?  But in the meantime, we will cherish the time we get to spend any holiday together.
And now I am off to crack open the Christmas bins and DECORATE!

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