Thursday, February 24, 2011

A whirlwind of a week.

Last Wednesday we flew to Montana for what was to be a long weekend/ ski vacation with Christine, her boyfriend, Patrick, and his brother Mike.  By the time we got there plans for Steve and I  were already in flux.  Steve had to leave early for some meetings in Orlando, and no sooner had I landed, my dad called to tell us my mom was in the hospital. ( She is doing well now.)
We were able to enjoy a fun day showing Patrick and Mike all around the ranch in the Polaris and then the guys even did a little target practice.  The next day Steve had to leave, but the rest of us went up to Bridger Bowl to do some skiing.  What a fun resort.  A bit of a throwback to years gone by.  There are even some 2 seater chair lifts.  About the time I was finished for the day, they all took off to find some good powder.  Powder is not my thing.  I am all about the groomed trails.  They got off on some side terrain and had to work to find their way back to base of the mountain.  But, I am pretty sure that was their best run of the day.
I hopped on a plane the next morning to go to Minnesota to check in on my mom and got the only flight out of Bozeman to Minneapolis that day as a big winter storm was moving in to MN.  And boy, did it.  Somewhere between 12 and 15 inches of snow in the area I was traveling through.  Thankfully I grew up in the midwest where we all learn to drive in the snow.  I got to Mankato a little slower than usual but made it.  I couldn't make it all the way to my parents because the snow plows had not cleared the county roads, but stayed in Mankato where my mom was hospitalized.
Mom was released the next day, so we trekked through the snow to get her back home and by then the plows had cleared one lane down the middle of the road they live on.  Here are a few pictures that capture the week.
I am back in Texas and it is raining!  Loving the rain vs. the snow.  Snow is much prettier I know, but I am ready for some spring!

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