Monday, September 26, 2011


We have been on the move. I have started and deleted about 5 different blogposts. If I had better luck posting pictures from these posts, I would have actually published them, but no such luck. I continue to be technology challenged.
I hope to get back to a Las Vegas post,as it was my first time there and it was an interesting place. Currently we are in Romania and will be covering a lot of ground in the next week. In between business meetings for Lefty, we will reconnect with friends and enjoy some beautiful scenery. This is a special place. As we drove from Budapest, Hungary into Romania, we once again saw people moving around lots of different ways. All sharing the same road. Pedestrians, bikes, mopeds, motorcycles,cars, tractors, and horse drawn wooden carts. Off to the sides of the road are cattle and sheep herders.
We arrived in Cluj-Napoca last night and this is a bustling University city filled with young people. We had a late dinner at our friend's restaurant, the Marty Cafe. Best thin crust pizza and fresh salads. Around lunchtime we will start the drive to Poianna where we will spend the night. Tomorrow we go on to Oradea (Octoberfest activities) and then, by plane, train, or automobile, we will arrive in Bucharest.
The fall weather here is spectacular and after such a long, hot summer in TX, we are really enjoying it.

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  1. You have to post some Vegas pics! I'm sure you guys are really appreciating the cooler weather:)