Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hope Grows Everywhere

The Globetrotters are all back safely on US soil. What an experience it was to travel with 21 other "gals". We have had quite an adventure. Please check out the website to see pictures and read about our trip.
My thought this morning as I reflect back on our 2 weeks abroad, is that while we all have unique lives, there is a common thread connecting us to one another. We grow when we put ourselves "out there" and take risks in relationships, surroundings, and activity. None of us have the luxury of going through life without hardships and challenges and when we begin to see that reality we also find it a bit easier to empathize and understand one another. I think that all the "Globetrotters" were stretched a bit and for many of us it will take some time to process the experience. As I sit and look through my journal and my pictures I am still drinking it all in and am so thankful for the adventure and most of all, thankful that God was present and active throughout the entire trip.

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