Saturday, November 24, 2012

A quick get away. Part one.

We spent a little over a week in early November traveling with our great friends Scott and Karen.  They are the easiest people to spend time with.  We all like to "wing it" and not try to do too many of the tourist attractions along the way. 

We spent time in Amsterdam.
The Hotel Pulitzer where we stayed.  Beautiful!

We drove from Amsterdam through Germany to Solingen where the Wusthof factories are located.
We got the royal tour of both factories and saw all that goes into making these amazing knives.
I couldn't take any pictures inside.

We also stopped at the Haribo factory to stock up on Gummi Bears.
We had a lovely dinner at a beautiful tiny restaurant across the street from our hotel.
And the next morning we were off on another road trip to visit Lefty's German relatives.

We arrived at the Willie and Ermgahrt's home and were warmly welcomed with the following:

All of the above was home made!  And....DELICIOUS!

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