Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Out of the habit.

Every once in awhile I get out of my routine and have the worst time getting back into it again. Such was the case as I took off from Dallas on yet another road trip to NC. With Steve traveling so much during April, I felt it was the perfect time to set up shop at our beach house. ( Me and the dogs. ) I was also motivated by Dean and Louise's April birthdays as well as a chance to meet my fellow "globetrotters" who I will be traveling to Romania with in July. (More on that to come.)
Well here it is closing in on Memorial Day and I am feeling the need to post a bit again after some encouragement from a fellow blogger. I have been back in Dallas since early May and getting back in my Texas routine. Lots of activities with my new neighborhood friends. LOVE these Texas gals.
My very best friend from middle school and high school flew in from MN last Wednesday and stayed until Sunday. She is a blast and to my delight, she helped me put the finishing touches on some "decorating dilemmas" at our house. What a blessing that turned out to be.
We found an awesome Tex-Mex restaurant called Pappsitos. A must if you come to Dallas. And, we went to the top of Reunion Tower to the new Wolfgang Puck Restaurant. It is about the tallest building in downtown and of course the restaurant revolves and the view is spectacular.
Off now to get some "Texas hair". You know the drill...highlights, trim, volumizer, straightener, and then some teasing I imagine. Steve probably won't recognize me when I get home.

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  1. Yay, welcome back!
    Please take a pic of the real "Texas Hair"!!!
    Oh, and Mike loves Pappasitos.